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Welcome to the MonoManiacs website!

Who are we?
Basically a Dutch bunch of friends, bike nuts and KTM enthusiasts. We met some 15 years ago and most of us have been riding KTMs on the road for 10 years or more.

Up till today this group of crazy Oranges have consumed some 25 KTMs! All road models - DIY build or not - ranging from hardcore '93 pre-balancer shaft 600 LC4, Duke I, Duke II, LC4 SC/SMC, 950 Adventure, 950 SMR, 990 SuperDuke. All in various states of tune. From bog standard to a 660 Factory Rally engine. Most of us are now on KTM 690 models. One pigheaded recently took ownership of a 990 SMR. :-) The rest of us are on the 690 SM, SMR, SMC and 690 Duke. Setups vary from an Akra slip-on can to gas flowed heads, different cams, remapped EFI systems, modified airboxes and full Akra exhausts.

So what is this site about then? We want to share our bikes and related fun with other enthusiasts and people interested. Tweaks & mods, accessories, tuning, tips & tricks, rides, trips, the lot.

This site is always under contruction so check back regularly!

An important word of thanks for two friendly KTM dealers who contribute significantly to the fun with our KTMs with their knowledge, advise, help, delivering bikes, parts & service and the occasional snippet of extra info that's not in the brochures. Without them it would only be half the fun!

André Motors, Harderwijk, the Netherlands. The best KTM dealer in NL!

Sommer KTM (now KTM TeamWest), Oberhausen, Germany

Last modified: 03-08-2009