KTM 690 - 2nd and 3rd gear restriction

Like some other KTM models the 690 too has a power restriction in 2nd and 3rd gear to meet noise regs. Under normal conditions this system isn't working but if you wack the throttle open anywhere between 26 and 38 mph the throttle opening is restricted for 20-30% and crippling the engine. Do I hear somebody say wheelies?...

Sommer KTM / KTM Team West in Germany offers what they call a 'Gear Sensor Sport' that deactivates this restriction. It costs 45 Euro and takes 15 mins to install.

Another way is doing it yourself

  1. Locate the connector, it's on the left side of your engine, it's triangular shaped.

  2. Use narrow pliers and remove the pins connected to the yellow/green and blue/red wires.

  3. Don't use force, use patience.
  4. Once they are out you van use tape or heat-shrink tubing to protect them, this way you can reverse this mod if necessary.
  5. Reconnect the connector.

Last modified: 19-09-2009